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Live Life on Your Terms

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What does that mean exactly? We post inspirational quotes on social media, we read self help books and blogs and we fall in love with the idea of living life on our terms but that’s where it ends for most of us. We fall back into the trap of what society dictates is acceptable.

Don’t quit your job they say, you need your salary but what happens when you get laid off? When you start to get sick because of the anxiety and stress your job causes you. You should be raising your kids and focusing on your husband they say but what about the fact that you are a woman first. You have an identity outside of your marriage and motherhood. 

I would dare to say that your kids would prefer to see their mother chase her dreams because kids don’t do what we say they simply model our behaviour.

If you going to fully embrace what life has to offer you are going to have to step out in faith because that’s where the magic happens. When you decide to live life authentically I can guarantee you will encounter resistance, it’s a by-product of living by your own rules. That resistance will come in many forms sometimes from people we expect support from but understand that you a badass and that once you begin to step out you will meet your tribe along the way. When we step into our power it causes a shift not only in us but those around us.

Success,  progress and growth comes at a price and until your willing to pay it, you will keep repeating mediocre patterns that satisfy other people but leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled. It starts with a decision. When you continue to consciously make the decision daily to take the road less travelled it becomes a habit and eventually it becomes part of who you are.

You will second guess yourself but go ahead and do it anyway because the desire you have to create is greater than the fear of the unknown. The freedom you long for is greater than the chains of job security.

You can live life on your terms the only requirement is that you BELIEVE you can!

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  • Hayle

    Wow this is what I needed to hear today! It is so hard to just be yourself all the time. It’s something that I am working on. Thanks for the reminder

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