When friends don't support your business

3 Things to do when friends don’t support your business

Leaving your corporate job to start your business is daunting but you’ve worked up the courage to walk away and build the life you desire. You excited and ready to break the news to your circle of friends expecting support but then boom their disinterest hits you like a ton of bricks. You post on social media and only get 5 likes and all 5 likes and shares are from strangers.

Honestly, when I started my business my husband was and still is my biggest supporter, my mom and sister were just as excited as I was and that was enough for me. I had two friends who encouraged me before I took the leap and the rest well that’s another story. This was however, the starting point that led me to re-evaluate the relationships in my life.

I had a friend tell me to just get a job and settle down, she couldn’t understand why I was according to her trying to make life difficult for myself YIKES, the thing is though that building a life I don’t want to escape from is my job.

  1. Make peace with the fact that it’s not you, it’s them.

People criticise what they don’t understand. If you come from a circle of people that are very traditional in the sense that they believe you should have an office job, get married and everything else that seems normal to them then you can’t blame them. They feel safe and comfortable in the repetitive cycle they have set up and anything that threatens their perception of what the world should look like won’t be welcomed. Sometimes they just not that into your business or they simply don’t understand it. My mom has no idea what I do online but makes an effort to like my posts on social media and even comments on the ones that resonate with her. Not everyone is going to like and be excited about everything you do and that’s okay too.

  1. Stay focused

If they are actively trying to discourage you and making negative statements about your decision then set boundaries around the time you spend with them and what you discuss. Do not try to convince anybody of anything, it’s pointless rather re-direct your focus back onto your goal where it belongs. Negative energy can be distracting and not to mention draining and unproductive. Adjust your expectations and keep it moving, let your actions and results do the talking. If you feel that it’s a toxic dynamic it might be time to re-evaluate the relationship as a whole.

  1. Find your tribe

There are people out there on the same journey as you and when you find them it will feel like home because they are either experiencing what you are or they have in the past. Put yourself out there,  join entrepreneurial Facebook groups and network with other people in business and as you begin to this, you begin to form genuine relationships and friends that feel like family. You will know when you have found your tribe. They will be the people cheering you on, supporting you and celebrating you.


  • Audrey

    I needed to hear this today. Thank you for such a thoughtful post.

  • julie

    Great suggestions! It can be disheartening when people close to you don’t support you. I’m glad that you stepped up to share this!

  • Jeanie{CoffeeGirl.Blog

    The right people will come your way. You don’t want people who are not passionate or in love with your business. Just because they love you does not necessarily mean they will love everything about you!

  • Tonyalew

    I struggled with this when I started my business with Pure Romance. Friends didn’t understand why I wanted to educate women on sex and sell intimacy products! So yes, finding your support with like minded people helps so much!

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