How to successfully work from home
Managing Motherhood & Work

6 Tips to successfully work from home

With the recent lockdown regulations, women around the world have had to embrace the home office and for some of us who have been working from home for a while, it was still an adjustment because we have had to add homeschooling to that mix, thank you coronavirus. While working from home is seriously awesome it still has it’s own challenges. Below are 6 tips to successfully work from home.

Define a dedicated workspace

When you work in an office environment you have your own workstation, it gives you the space to do your work. Creating a dedicated workspace will allow you to separate your work life from your home life. The space you choose will depend on your living arrangements but it would be ideal if you have a separate room so you can have some privacy.


Develop a routine

I wrote a blog post about the benefits of having a routine. Having a routine allows you to add structure to your day. It reduces the stress that uncertainty causes. It can be tempting to be all kumbaya because you play by your own rules but if you plan to get anything done, having a routine helps with productivity, keeps you focused and decreases stress levels.  

Have boundaries

Setting boundaries for everyone while working from home is important because it serves as guidelines to everyone else in the house. Just because you at home full time should not mean you do all the domestic work. If it is set up this way, you should have noticed by now how it has affected your productivity. Not everyone is lucky enough to have paid help so another option would be to schedule your tasks so you get to everything done without being overwhelmed.

Take breaks

It’s easy to become to get so comfortable working from home that you lose track of things like snack time and getting up to stretch your legs, especially when you gain momentum it can be hard to drag yourself away from your laptop. Don’t skip any meals and take full and regular breaks so you can fuel your body to keep going.

Don’t isolate

Swapping your cubicle for your couch can be liberating but it can also be lonely. Remember how annoying it was when co-workers just use to drop in and start chatting at your cubicle, the thing is it was also a way of connecting with other adults and we humans need that. We need to feel connected to other people. Hop onto video calls and keep in touch with family and friends. If you don’t have anyone to stay in touch with, join networking groups online and start building relationships. 

What your mental health

People who have had a job they didn’t particularly like, understand how that can affect your mental health but research has shown that working from home can lead to anxiety. With the current pandemic, there is sure to be an increase in anxiety due to the climate of uncertainty. If you sense yourself starting to become anxious, look into ways you can manage it such as breathing exercises or reaching out to a professional.

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