How a morning routine can help you
Managing Motherhood & Work

The benefits of having a routine

When you work for some else you have a rigid schedule and you are forced into a routine that most can’t wait to escape but successful people are known to have a daily routine. Michelle Obama gets up at 04:30 am every morning to exercise, no you don’t have to get up that early. I do however find that I get more done before my daughter is up and about. Now that you run your own business it can be tempting to make impromptu decisions such as spending the whole day in your pyjamas. We already know that kids need a routine to provide them with structure and that in turn makes them feel safe and ultimately leads to them building good habits but there also numerous benefits for us adults.

Having a routine creates structure and that will lead to the freedom you desire. For a long time, I was against schedules and anything that made me feel stifled but I found that doing everything on a whim only led to chaos and incomplete tasks that would end up giving me anxiety.  The first taste of freedom I had was when I became intentional about my daily routine, I began to feel less stressed, my day began to flow better and I became more focused as a result. Does this mean every day will be smooth sailing with no trip-ups, absolutely not but having developed a routine over time will allow you to handle those trip-ups a lot better.

 Below are some reasons why you should consider developing a routine.

Helps you break bad habits

Habits are things we do repetitively without much thought and therefore can have a significant impact on your life and your business. When you begin to create a routine it might be difficult at first but once it becomes familiar and normal, you automatically start cultivating good habits that replace some of the bad habits. An example of that would be, You have scheduled tasks to complete so you no longer spend hours on social media wasting time and not really getting much done.

It reduces your stress levels

Stress can wreak havoc on your mental and physical health. Trying to remember everything you need to get done can be very stressful and overwhelming. Having an established routine takes the uncertainty out of the day so you have less things to worry about. In doing and completing tasks we gain a sense of control and accomplishment which in turn helps with relaxation.

You become more productive

When you start doing something repetitively you become more efficient, lessening the time you need daily to complete it. You are subconsciously ticking things off your to-do list and making progress toward your bigger goals. Once your routine becomes a habit you are far less likely to put off doing things – Bye procrastination.

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