Giving birth to your business like you did with your baby

There are so many similarities between the giving birth to your baby and your business but the most obvious is that both are a lot harder then you think. The labour process consists of three stages and the first lasting the longest. The process is painful, messy and there is a sense of uncertainty but also one of expectancy. It’s hard but beautiful, it speaks to how much we can endure and represents the growth that comes with nurturing a seed. A great deal of preparing for the birth of a baby is around planning and preparing for their arrival and is filled with excitement and a bit of nervousness.  Much like the beginning stages of a business, you planning and developing strategies, you are excited to introduce your idea to the world.

The first is the early labour stage also known as dilation and begins with contractions that can vary in strength and length. The cervix is initially tight and works to protect the baby, the contractions serve to put pressure on the cervix and that allows it to slowly expand. It is also when the baby starts to move down the pelvis. In the early stages of business,  it is filled with learning, failing and mindset blocks. The mindset blocks are your subconscious programming way of protecting you but it is also these blocks that need to be removed in order for you to grow into the next stage of your business.

The second stage of labour is when your body gets the urge to push and results in the delivery of your baby. You see your baby for the first time at birth. At this stage of your business, you have tested your concept and you are ready to take it to the market. You end up getting your very first sale which is exhilarating. You finally start to see the results of the work you have put in during the initial stages of laying the foundation to get your business up and running.

As the journey progresses to you taking your baby home you start to realise how much work still lies ahead of you. Just when you were starting to get confident about having a baby, you start to doubt your parenting abilities. The first few days or evens months are hard. It’s filled with sleepless nights, baby puke and adjusting to your postpartum body. You love your baby but being responsible for another human is overwhelming. In the early stages of a business you are wearing many different hats, not seeing the immediate results leaves you doubting yourself. You realise it requires  100 times the amount of work you thought and there is no one size fits all. You have no set schedule and sacrifices have to be made.

Eventually, you adjust to your new normal of what motherhood and entrepreneurship mean for your life. You start to fall in love with the process of nurturing and building instead of just the concept. You accept that the road ahead is uncertain but filled with possibilities. That when its all said and done the rewards outweigh anything you might have imagined. That much like parenthood, entrepreneurship is a continuous learning process.

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  • Iva

    This is an amazing comparison. And I agree, you have to create and nurture your business as it was your baby.

  • Diana

    This is such a great analogy! Starting a business is very much like planning for a baby and that sounds like a great beginner’s guide.

    • thehappymommie

      Good comparison, and I do believe your business is like your child it requires ur love time and attention to grow and flourish.

  • Kari

    You’re totally right, both are sooooo much harder than we think they will be!

  • Supriya

    Starting a business is definitely as tough as giving birth to a baby. Emotionally and physically, it just exhausted me just like my pregnancy and natural delivery. And after giving birth also the life is never the same again

  • Cristina

    Hehe, goog analogy and very true. They both require your full atention and a lot of nurturing to grow the right way.

  • Jennifer Bradley

    This is the perfect comparison! I just launched my blog about 9 months ago and I couldn’t agree more.

  • Sam

    Jeepers I’ve never thought of it like this…but you’ve hit the nail right on the head!!!

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