3 Legitimate ways to make money online

The global pandemic we are currently facing has impacted economies around the world. Some people have lost their ability to earn an income overnight but with so many scams on the internet, it’s hard to navigate through what’s real and what’s not. I’ve listed 3 legitimate ways you can make money online.


Blogging can take on different forms so you don’t have to necessarily stick to writing, you can add videos and podcast to your website to mix it up. I suggest having a self-hosted website so you have complete control of your website. There are different ways to make money online blogging but most bloggers use a combination of the below:

Affiliate marketing is promoting someone else’s product or service and being paid a portion of the sale. Each company offers a different commission % and each one has its own set of requirements and conditions for joining their affiliate program. To get started you need to join affiliate programs where a unique link will be created for you that you can add to your posts and each time someone makes a purchase using your link you earn a %.

Sponsored posts are when a company approaches you to advertise their product or service to your audience via a blog post you create. It’s always good practice to promote products you use or love as a way to maintain integrity and trust with your audience.

Products can be physical products you create or it can be digital products such as presets, e-books, planners, templates and invitations. You can use Canva to create digital products, it’s user friendly and there is a free option available.   

Virtual Assistant

This is perfect if you already have some administrative experience but it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker since there are courses you can take. A virtual assistant is someone who provides administrative assistance to another business or individual remotely. There comes a time when every business needs to outsource services such as social media management, responding to emails, research and the list goes on. Since you are not an employee you can dictate how and when you work but this is dependant on the type of clients you work with, you are also not restricted to a  location since everything is done virtually. You can choose to specialise in a particular field such as social media management, offering services such as:

Posting to social media accounts, creating content and graphics to post, interacting with audiences and promoting social media accounts.

You need to start by identifying your skills. Set up a website, decide on your pricing and then start marketing your services. Make sure to join Facebook groups and start networking with other virtual assistants. You also have the option of registering with a virtual assistant agency where they link VA’s and clients. 

Freelance writer

If writing is your thing then why not get paid for it. Decide what type of writer you want to be and choose a niche to specialise in. Make sure you have the right equipment to get started such as a laptop, you can use Grammarly for spelling and grammar checks.  When starting, it might be a good idea to consider writing for free to build your portfolio. You can also list your services on websites such as Fiverr and start pitching to brands within your niche. Join freelance writer groups to contribute and connect with other like-minded people.

Copywriters write marketing material for brands to help promote and market their products and convert audiences into customers.  If you working online then you should have some knowledge of SEO.

Technical writers tend to be experts in their field. The purpose of this type of writing is to translate technical terms and concepts into layman’s terms for consumers. They tend to create manuals and user guides.

Ghostwriters create different types of content from blog posts, press releases to books. As a ghostwriter, you don’t receive any recognition but the work is credited to the person paying for your services.

Are you ready to get started online?

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