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e8’s initiative tackles the hunger issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

The e8 revolution is a breakthrough initiative which facilitates collaboration between NGOs, donors and recipients, has established a tech-driven feeding scheme initiative to deal with the hunger in South Africa. With the use of the ADDaBIT fintech platform, e8 has managed to completely cut out the logistical difficulty of getting food to South Africans unable to make a living as a result of the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

e8 is creating distribution channels for the delivery of food parcels, food vouchers, and other essentials items for our South African people. Working with funders, local ambassadors and charities, this digital platform allows contributors to track payment of a donation to the recipient. The programme has been piloted and has shown much success in the areas of Diepsloot, Johannesburg, Kaya Sands, Fourways, Cape Town, PE and KZN.

 “There are millions of people starving in South Africa, and there are people out there who want to help but have been put off by ineffective delivery of food parcels as well as their fear of travelling outside of their homes to deliver food into the communities that need it most,” says Kirsten Langkilde e8. “Trust is also a concern of whether the donations are going to the beneficiaries correctly.”

 The beauty of the programme is that it is all driven and managed by technology, which gives us a digital footprint for transparency while tackling the logistical challenges associated with giving back to the community. Anyone can contribute via EFT, online card payment or a cash deposit and track the funds to see all contributions made to beneficiaries.

 e8 encourages crowdfunding on the ADDaBIT platform from corporates and individuals who would like to make a contribution to help the people in need. Either for a food voucher or a grocery basket.

 The process is simple: Food voucher: A specified amount is loaded as a food voucher. A unique notification from the funder is sent via an SMS to the intended recipient. They choose items of their choice but tobacco and alcohol are excluded. Basic identification is required – be it an ID, passport and/or a selfie photo loaded onto the system, with no one being refused. All beneficiaries are identified through our partners such as NGO’s, donors, funders, charities etc. Once redeemed, the money is automatically transferred to a Checkers, Shoprite, Pick ‘n Pay or participating Spaza shop. We do provide Section 18A certificates to businesses wanting to execute on feeding schemes and who want to get their donations into the hands of their community,” adds Ira Halpern at e8.

The ADDaBIT platform is also used to distribute food parcels to beneficiaries. Once identified as a recipient and upon receiving their SMS code, an individual can go and fetch their parcel at the allocated collection point in their area. Many of these collection points are Spaza shops, which are compensated for their services. In short, the Spaza shop acts as a distribution point when proof of the voucher is presented. No longer do food voucher and food parcel recipients have to travel long distances only to be disappointed.

“Our ambassadors are our lifeblood. They are our window into the communities, and they are the sole reason that this system is so effective. Not only are we feeding our ambassadors, but they are creating revenue-generating opportunities within the community for themselves and Spaza shops. They are often also the link between the NGOs we work with and the people on the street. This process completely strips away the bureaucracy usually associated with the middlemen” states Langkilde from e8.

The success of e8 is depended on the effectiveness and transparency of the ADDaBIT platform. Since the ADDaBIT platform’s launch of the Ambassador programme in June 2019, over 8000 Ambassadors are selling a range of essentials, such as data, medical plans, and funeral plans. Over R8 million has been paid over in referral income to the people on the ground, making it an absolute success. 

 “Our team saw an opportunity as a result of COVID-19 to better service and feed the community using technology as a means to do it. There are thousands of businesses and good-hearted people out there that want to make a difference, but they want accountability. We give them just that,” states Langkilde at e8.

To find out more about e8 and how you, a charity or your company can get involved with the revolution that helps those in need from your home, visit or contact Kirsten Langkilde 082 822 4060 or Ira Halpern on 083 226 8221 or email



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