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How to consistently reach your goals

Since we just passed the half-year mark for 2020 I decided to check on how people were doing with their goals, so I did an Instagram poll and 77% of people said they were struggling. To be honest with everything happening in the world, I’m not surprised but I am a firm believer that we hold the power within us to manifest the changes we want to see on the outside. I have put together a list that will help you develop endurance despite circumstances. The truth is that the conditions will never be perfect for the things we want to do and there will always be days where you feel demotivated and obstacles will come but the choices we make directly affect our growth.

Break down your goal.

When we envision what we want to achieve, it can easily feel like such an unnerving task. This leads to us giving up before getting started or very early on in our journey. Try starting with smaller actionable daily, weekly and monthly goals. Senia Maymin, PhD and co-author explained why it’s important to use incremental steps to reach important goals. This will allow you to feel like your goals are more manageable and achievable but also serve as a practical stepping stone that ensures you are progressing toward your bigger goal.

Tune into positivity

Fill your tank with motivational material, whether that is Youtube videos, podcast, prayer or reading. It helps you to stay motivated and inspired. It can also help change your perspective and help you re-frame some of the obstacles you are facing. More often than not motivational speakers, speak from a place of experience and that allows us to relate to them. We can only give what we have and if your cup is empty you cant fully show up for yourself, your goals or anyone else.

Silence your inner critic

As much as being surrounded by negative people drains our energy and motivation, sometimes we are our own worst enemy.  Understand that you are doing the best you can, you are human so don’t fall into the trap of comparing your journey to someone else’s not realising they have their own issues to deal with. Just because you are not seeing immediate results does not mean you are not making progress. Talk to yourself as you would a friend.

Trust yourself

Don’t allow society to dictate what success should look like for you. Stay grounded in who you are and trust that your path is unique to you. Just because that’s how everyone is doing it or it’s how it has always been done does not mean it’s right for you. As you begin to find your voice and speak your truth, you will find that you lose some people along the way and that’s okay, you are making room for the people that do belong. 

Celebrate your achievements

Take the time to acknowledge the progress you have made. It’s so important to celebrate both small and big achievements. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like we have done much but when we take the time to reflect, we often realise how much we have accomplished and grown. This increases your self-confidence and as a result you are more motivated to forge ahead.


  • Audrey

    I am one of those in the 77%. Thanks for the great tips on how to remain focused on my goals during this crazy year.

  • Sara

    I’ve found that as long as I can tangibly track my results/progress that I’m more likely to stay on track with my goal setting.

  • Cristina

    You are right about the inner critic. That’s one of my issues. I know that it’s not healthy comparing my journey to other people but yet, I do it.

  • Amy

    These are great – it’s definitely been a strange year which makes it hard to stick to goals but I also think it’s a good habit to get into to check in and reevaluate our goals and progress regularly!

  • Grace

    Thanks for sharing, very timely at the moment. I’m currently learning to silence the inner critic and Celebrate more achievements.

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