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    Giving birth to your business like you did with your baby

    There are so many similarities between the giving birth to your baby and your business but the most obvious is that both are a lot harder then you think. The labour process consists of three stages and the first lasting the longest. The process is painful, messy and there is a sense of uncertainty but also one of expectancy. It’s hard but beautiful, it speaks to how much we can endure and represents the growth that comes with nurturing a seed. A great deal of preparing for the birth of a baby is around planning and preparing for their arrival and is filled with excitement and a bit of nervousness. …

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    What is a niche and why you need one

    First of all what exactly is a niche? A niche is a focus on a particular segment of a broader market. It’s choosing to serve a particular set of customers. Once you have identified your niche you will have to narrow your niche down and get very specific. The more specific you are the more you are then able to specialize in that specific niche and establish yourself as an expert. It is also how you differentiate yourself from your competition. Some niches are more lucrative then others and some are more saturated. If you attempt to serve everyone you will end up serving no one. When you try to…

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    Guest Interview: Princess Mashamahite

    Tell us about yourself? I believe in serving mankind and doing so with the utmost passion and excellence. This is a principle that I apply in both my personal and professional life. As a mother, I am devoted to raising my son in a way that enables him to contribute positively to society and as an entrepreneur, I dedicate myself to consistently delivering high – value services to my clients. Why did you decide to start a business? After having spent over a decade in corporate South Africa, working with both local and multinational organisations as an Executive Assistant to their Board members, I recognised a gap in small and…

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    3 Things to do when friends don’t support your business

    Leaving your corporate job to start your business is daunting but you’ve worked up the courage to walk away and build the life you desire. You excited and ready to break the news to your circle of friends expecting support but then boom their disinterest hits you like a ton of bricks. You post on social media and only get 5 likes and all 5 likes and shares are from strangers. Honestly, when I started my business my husband was and still is my biggest supporter, my mom and sister were just as excited as I was and that was enough for me. I had two friends who encouraged me…

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    5 Things I Have Learned Being an Entrepreneur

    Mindset Mindset is everything and that goes for every area of our lives. I didn’t even realize how my actions were a reflection of my mindset and how that affected me in business. I was afraid of showing up and sharing my business with the world so I subconsciously sought low risk opportunities. Talk about self sabotage. Learn to reprogram your mind it’s the most powerful thing you can do. There is no perfect time You don’t have to wait till everything is perfectly aligned to start. Messy action is better than no action any day of the week but you do have to be committed to the process. Sometimes…


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