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  • Motherhood Lifestyle

    Proven time management tips for busy moms

    Moms tend to have a lot going on, on any given day. Kids need to eat, laundry needs to be done, cooking needs sorting, spending quality time with everyone so we don’t feel guilty about everything else we have to do. Then add a business to the mix and it can quickly feel like you on a hamster wheel that’s constantly spinning. I know everyone talks about balance but to be quite honest there is no perfect balance, I should know I spent years trying to chase the elusive balance but the truth is we will always wish we had more time to do the things we love. There are…

  • Motherhood Lifestyle

    Being a mom while following your dreams

    I always thought I had to choose, it was either going to be family life or going full steam ahead career-wise and truth be told I never really chose. I flip-flopped between the two, giving neither my full attention. There was so much pressure to get married and have kids that I ended up following the path I thought 30 should look like and then boom, my daughter Hannah was born and everything changed. If I could go back and tell me younger self anything, it would be, embrace your ambitions girl, love yourself first by committing to your goals and growth and love will find you. The only expectations…

  • Motherhood Lifestyle

    6 Tips to successfully work from home

    With the recent lockdown regulations, women around the world have had to embrace the home office and for some of us who have been working from home for a while, it was still an adjustment because we have had to add homeschooling to that mix, thank you coronavirus. While working from home is seriously awesome it still has it’s own challenges. Below are 6 tips to successfully work from home. Define a dedicated workspace When you work in an office environment you have your own workstation, it gives you the space to do your work. Creating a dedicated workspace will allow you to separate your work life from your home…

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    The benefits of having a routine

    When you work for some else you have a rigid schedule and you are forced into a routine that most can’t wait to escape but successful people are known to have a daily routine. Michelle Obama gets up at 04:30 am every morning to exercise, no you don’t have to get up that early. I do however find that I get more done before my daughter is up and about. Now that you run your own business it can be tempting to make impromptu decisions such as spending the whole day in your pyjamas. We already know that kids need a routine to provide them with structure and that in…

  • Motherhood Lifestyle

    Live Life on Your Terms

    Recommended by CapeTownInsider. What does that mean exactly? We post inspirational quotes on social media, we read self help books and blogs and we fall in love with the idea of living life on our terms but that’s where it ends for most of us. We fall back into the trap of what society dictates is acceptable. Don’t quit your job they say, you need your salary but what happens when you get laid off? When you start to get sick because of the anxiety and stress your job causes you. You should be raising your kids and focusing on your husband they say but what about the fact that you…


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