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    12 Self-care ideas for the boss mom

    If you are a business owner and mom chances you have very little time for yourself, yet if you are going to function at an optimal level you will need to make self-care a priority. On the surface, it can feel selfish to focus on yourself especially if you are prone to putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own but I assure you it’s not. Understand that self-care looks different for everybody and is dependant on your needs. What is self-care? Self-care is intentionally taking the time to nourish and replenish yourself so you can show up as the best version of yourself. It’s the act of any activity…

  • Motivational & Self-care

    How to consistently reach your goals

    Since we just passed the half-year mark for 2020 I decided to check on how people were doing with their goals, so I did an Instagram poll and 77% of people said they were struggling. To be honest with everything happening in the world, I’m not surprised but I am a firm believer that we hold the power within us to manifest the changes we want to see on the outside. I have put together a list that will help you develop endurance despite circumstances. The truth is that the conditions will never be perfect for the things we want to do and there will always be days where you…

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    Live Life on Your Terms

    Recommended by CapeTownInsider. What does that mean exactly? We post inspirational quotes on social media, we read self help books and blogs and we fall in love with the idea of living life on our terms but that’s where it ends for most of us. We fall back into the trap of what society dictates is acceptable. Don’t quit your job they say, you need your salary but what happens when you get laid off? When you start to get sick because of the anxiety and stress your job causes you. You should be raising your kids and focusing on your husband they say but what about the fact that you…


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